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Musharraf Full Interview – Thanthi TV – 17 November 2016

Watch ‘Thanthi TV’ in conversation with the former president of Pakistan, the former chief of Pakistan army and the chairman APML General (R) Pervez Musharraf recounting the vital events that are shaping Pakistan today!
Some of the highlights include:

Why is Dawood Ibrahim respected in Pakistan?
Current Indian prime minister Modi’s anti-Pakistani stance and its effects on peace process
Don’t […]

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How Musharraf’s HEC revolution was saved; Dr. Atta Ur Rehman

Under the title “Ab Amal Ka Waqt Hai” (Time to act is now) here is a pertinent column by Ex education minister Dr. Atta Ur Rehman, a brilliant scientist and research scholar himself. Dr. Atta ur Rehman was hand-picked by former President of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf as his Education Minister.
In the column, Dr. Atta Ur Rehman provides a detailed account […]

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‘Closing of the Pakistani mind’ by Faisal Bari

A FRIEND showed me a class four Pakistani textbook from the 1960s. It was on famous personalities. In the first section there were four chapters, including one on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Others included Gautam Buddha, Hazrat Issa and Baba Guru Nanak. In the second part of the book were chapters on a number of political/temporal […]

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Cold war inside Pakistani Presidential Palace; Bilawal’s threat to leave PPP and Ms Hina Khar’s attempt to commit suicide; TV report

(Please note: The following news report is published in online edition of weekly Blitz .)

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari became furious on his son Bilawal Bhutto when the junior Zardari received a “special gift” from his girlfriend and Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar on the day of Eid Ul Fitr. On the early hours of […]

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Why is Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf in shambles today? Shireen Mizari and other PTI defectors explain in ‘Islamabad tonight’ (00:33:58)

This is a must watch to understand why some prominent names in the Pakistani society joined PTI and then why they decided to leave Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI).
According to Mr. Hoti, one of the participants of the discussion, blamed lies that he was told time and again. Dr. Shireen Mizari, another well known woman in the […]

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Dr. Shireen Mazari, the Central Vice President resigns, alleges Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) hijacked by ‘big money’

In messages posted on social media website Twitter, Mazari said: “I have given in my resignation from PTI. I regretfully resign as people had real hopes with PTI.”
“Not leaving PTI for any other party, purely based on political issues,” said Mazari in her messages. “Party program has been taken over by ‘big money’. The membership […]

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Video Speech: Pervez Musharraf at APML Karachi; I will return between 27-30 January in Karachi (00:36:33)

During a telephonic speech to supporters at an APML gathering in Karachi, the former president said that he was not afraid of allegations that have been leveled against him and vowed to face charges that have been pressed against him.  Musharraf said that Pakistan was going through a difficult period and said that during his […]

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Sharing a heart-felt email…

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Below is an email that I just received yesterday and thought of sharing it with you all.
His Excellency Pervez Musharraf,
Former President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Date: 28.11.2010
the day when you took charge of Pakistan that day was a great day for Pakistan & the people of Pakistan. Everybody in Pakistan & outside Pakistan […]

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Complete Story of Aafia: How a “Nice American woman” Became a Jihadist.

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(Figures and opinions expressed in the following are strictly of the author and not necessarily of website or it’s management.)
My Dear Editor, I don’t agree with any of Pakistani politician who claim that former President of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf was well aware of Mrs. Aafia, who has been awarded 86 years sentence, I […]

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APML launch- Watch live broadcast from UK…”>httpv://

 Video 1.
Video 2:
Video 3:
Video 4 (English):
Video 5 (Fawad Chaudhry, APML spokesman on Express TV after the launch):
 Video 6. At the launch of APML; famous poet Saleem Shahzad recites his heart-felt poetry among his APML friends (Click HERE if you don’t see the movie below)

Please note these video clips are posted here as they are coming in and not necessarily […]

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