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Video:”I am ashamed of being Pakistani”, an exasperated Pakistani female politician loses it all in National Assembly

“I am ashamed of being Pakistani“, an exasperated Pakistani female politician Mrs. Ejaz Khan from MQM finally loses it in National Assembly.
In this worth-watching short video clip, she expresses her disappointments to the Honorable Speaker of the house. “Inside all of us here, we have this boiling volcano of sheer hate and deep loathing of one another and I am […]

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Express News TV report: President Musharraf’s era proved to be thousands folds better than today and here is why

In the following video clip, Mr. Javed Chaudhry, host of Kal Tak, counts the good services rendered by President Musharraf during his presidency. He further does an economic comparison of before, during and after President Musharraf’s government and concludes that in the lights of these facts Pakistan during President Musharraf’s time was thousands folds better than today.
(You can also […]

Pervez Musharraf on Sialkot Incident: I am shocked. We should be ashamed of ourselves.”>httpv://

It was shocking for me to see it on the TV how people were beating up those two innocent and nice boys. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Had it been me still in power, I would have gone to Sialkot myself and made sure that those responsible for this inhuman crime are brought to justice.

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Videos of the Sialkot Carnage: Are Pakistanis Becoming a Savage Nation?”>httpv://

While the nation was busy dealing with the destruction and devastation of the flooding, yet another tragedy was unfolding in Sialkot on August 15, 2010. Two brothers, named Moiz Butt, aged 18, and Muneeb But, aged 16, were brutally tortured and were beaten to death in public in a village near Sialkot. Not by the […]

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Mullah Per Capita; A whopping 100,000 graduates per year outnumbering the total number of Doctors graduating in the whole of Pakistan each year.

 According to estimates, Pakistan has over 40,000 religious seminaries spread across all major towns and cities. Traveling through vast expanses of Punjab and Sindh, or through hills of Northern Pakistan, and among the arid, desolate landscape of Baluchistan, scattered among villages are mosques attached to a Madrassah. This brings the income for the local mullah, […]

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Pakistan fury at president’s playboy son ‘using killer floods to boost political career’

The playboy son of Pakistan’s president yesterday faced damaging claims that he was exploiting his country’s devastating floods to boost his political career.
Oxford graduate Bilawal Zardari, 21, angrily described as a ‘lie’ the accusation that the five-day visit to the UK by his father, Asif Zardari, was a springboard for his own ambitions.
Bilawal’s outburst, […]

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President Pervez Musharraf donates ONE CRORE (10 million) Rupees from his own pocket for the flood victims of Pakistan.

Below is people’s President, Gen. Pervez Musharraf’s heart-felt message for the poor Pakistani victims of the flood. He also announces that from his own pocket he is donating ONE CRORE Rs. through ‘All Pakistan Muslim leauge’ as his share to help these poor Pakistanis in need.
Click HERE if you can’t see the video below.

My comments: Let’s hope other political […]

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