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ML-N worker hurled shoe at Musharraf at Sindh High Court- 29 March 2013”>

A member of “Muslim league Nawaz” lawyers wing– Mr. Tajjaml Lodhi hurled a shoe at former President of Pakistan Gen. Musharraf as he was walking towards the court room for his pre-bail hearing at Sindh high court. Muslim League worker was nabbed by the Rangers and other security staff and taken away for further investigation. Some miscreants […]

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Paradox of irrelevency or vital political cataclysm: Media frenzy shows Musharraf’s political relevance, observers note

The unprecedented level of local and international media attention devoted to the return of former Pakistani President and former Army Chief, Gen. Musharraf is a clear indicator of his importance in the Pakistani politics today, media observers reflected.“The main thing that struck me is what I’d call the paradox of irrelevancy,” Amir Khan told a […]

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Worldwide media coverage of Musharraf’s home coming on March 24th

On 24th March 2013, it seemed as if whole world was watching Pervez Musharraf. 100s of news agencies and media outlets from all over the world, from Australia to Africa had their eyes on the Karachi airport on Sunday, March 24th 2013 to cover what some called a catalytic to redefine Pakistani politics for ever.Next day […]

TV report: People come from as far as 2000 km to receive Musharraf at Karachi Aiport (00:39:52)”>

Samaa TV crews interviews people who came to Karachi Airport to welcome their beloved leader former President of Pakistan and former Army Chief Gen. Pervez Musharraf
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Pervez Musharraf reaches Karachi

Former president Gen retired Pervez Musharraf has reached Karachi Airport despite all uncertainties and rumors, ARY News reported on Sunday.
Pervez Musharraf had gone to self exile in the end of 2008 after he resigned from president ship of Pakistan and ended his four years long self exile on March 24, 2013.
A large number of AMPL workers and Musharraf […]

Watch Live Coverage of Pervez Musharraf arrival in Pakistan

Watch live coverage of Pervez Musharraf arrival in Pakistan on the following links;

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Pervez Musharraf’s journey home in pictures

Here are the pictures…

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Unfazed Musharraf set to return home; TTP challenges govt writ in video threat

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said Saturday that he will return to his homeland despite facing criminal charges and militant death threats.
Musharraf has been living in self-exile in London and Dubai for 4 1/2 years and is planning to return on Sunday to Pakistan. He risks possible arrest in connection […]

APML denied public gathering at Mazar-e-Quaid in Karachi

According to a Sindh police spokeman, SSP Imran Shaukat, the No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued to All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) for holding a rally at Mazar-e-Quaid stands cancelled.
The spokesman added that the APML leader, Pervez Musharraf as well as the organizers of the gathering had been officially informed regarding this decision.
He further said that […]

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Video: Taliban threatens to kill Musharraf on Pakistan return–c

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan — The Pakistani Taliban on Saturday threatened to assassinate former military ruler Pervez Musharraf when he returns to the country to contest elections after nearly five years in self-imposed exile.
The 69-year-old escaped three assassination attempts when in office from 1999 to 2008, a target of Islamist extremists because of his alliance in the […]

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