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Polls rigging video: Polling station staff stuffs ballot boxes while stamping ballots

Nationwide election held on May 11, 2013 had some serious problems with regards to free and fair elections. Election commission of Pakistan that initially claimed to do everything to hold a fair and free election, eventually confessed it has miserably failed the nation. Tip of the iceberg; where so many reports of country wide rigged polls emerged; following video on facebook […]

Pity the nation that disowns its own

Pity The Nation…
Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.
Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its own wine-press.
Pity the nation that acclaims the bully as hero, and that deems the glittering […]

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