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When Is Negotiating Bad for Democracy?

Pakistan’s efforts to talk with the Taliban are threatening to undermine the country’s recent democratic gains.
Is it possible to negotiate peace with terrorists who openly eschew democracy, rule through violence, and vow to eliminate anyone who doesn’t share their extreme beliefs? Or is a military response the only way to secure a sustainable peace and […]

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Column of the day: Dawn: ‘Hiding behind the army’

THERE’S a certain degree of inevitability about the latest military strikes on the militants’ hideouts in North Waziristan. The Sharif government was left with no choice but to suspend the peace charade following the Taliban’s slaughtering of the FC soldiers. Air force jets have been pounding suspected terrorist camps since then, reportedly taking out several […]

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Game-Changer Video: MQM’s Chief urges army to take over state”>

In interview with Nadeem Malik, MQM Chief ‘Altaf Hussain’ goes on record appealing Pak army and Pak Govt. to be on the same page. “And if that does not work out, at the risk of even being accused of inviting dictatorship in the country, I would still  ask Pak army to come forward and take over the Pakistan to save Pakistan from […]

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BBC: Taliban gaining upper hand in Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The leaders of both Afghanistan and Pakistan have embarked on the perilous path of trying to talk with the Taliban, but they have surrendered the political initiative to the militants and risk the integrity of the state by declining to hold institutional talks.The Taliban are playing for time by pretending to negotiate, while they exert […]

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News: Musharraf not to be tried by military court

The special court trying former President and General (retd) Pervez Musharraf for high treason on Friday dismissed an application seeking transfer of the complaint to a court martial under the Pakistan Army Act.
Justice Faisal Arab asked Mr. Musharraf to be present in court on March 11 in the light of the previous order that once […]

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Threshing facts from fiction: ‘Justice trashed’, Humayun Gauhar writes on Musharraf

Cut to the chase to cut the crap. One is all for accountability for alleged crimes and misdeeds, but only under due process by unbiased judges and where the alleged crime is taken in its entirety and without selectivity. Else natural justice is trashed and the exercise becomes a witch-hunt. That is obviously so in […]

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Pakistan Army: A sleeping Giant

Ironic it is that now a days you can see clear representation for Talibans in our Media. “Member of Taliban Committee” is fast becoming a title commonly seen. You may hear a lot of our religious scholars and Taliban apologists coming especially from PTI stressing on negotiations. You may hear that the same bunch giving […]

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Plea to book Musharraf in drone case rejected

ISLAMABAD: A court rejected on Wednesday a petition seeking orders for registration of an FIR against former president retired General Prevez Musharraf for allowing the United States to carry out drone strikes in Pakistan.
Additional district and sessions judge Mohammad Adnan held that the petition filed by an Islamabad-based lawyer was not maintainable.
The petition alleged that […]

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News: Pakistan launches air strikes on Taliban after peace talks faltered

A Taliban spokesman addresses journalists in Peshawar, Pakistan, where the government has attacked insurgent targets after calling off peace talks. Photograph: Arshad Arbab/EPA

Pakistani fighter jets have bombed  suspected militant hideouts in a tribal area on the Afghan border, killing at least 15 people, security officials said, after  attempts to engage the Taliban in peace talks […]

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Lal Masjid’s Molvi Aziz’s blasphemy; Molana Ashrafi threatens calling him a mad man”>

In Dawn TV talk show “NewsEye” with Mehr Abbasi: Lal Masjid’s famous cleric Molana Abdul Aziz’s open blasphemy on TV while Molana Ashrafi confront him calling Abdul Aziz a mad man; threatens to expose secret agreements of Molana abdul Aziz to abandon kids during Lal Mosque operation for his own personal escape. Molana Asharfi also, announces […]

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