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Below is an email that I just received yesterday and thought of sharing it with you all.

His Excellency Pervez Musharraf,
Former President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Date: 28.11.2010

the day when you took charge of Pakistan that day was a great day for Pakistan & the people of Pakistan. Everybody in Pakistan & outside Pakistan knew that present Government on that time did not allow your plane to land on any Airport of Pakistan, they were playing with your life & as well as other hundreds of people who was also on board with you on that flight. With Allah’s Blessings Pakistan Army took charge of Karachi Airport & Allah has safe the life of all the people who were on board with you & your plane was safely landed on Karachi Airport.
When you took charge of Pakistan the Economical situation of Pakistan was very bad, thr was no foreign reserves & Pakistan was among the sanctioned by UN.
Under your leadership Pakistan’s foreign reserves went more than 16 Billion USA Dollars & with your great efforts Pakistan came out of these Defense & Economical sanctioned by UN.Unfortunately, leaders who claimed themselves as a leaders of the people of Pakistan & they were playing song of Democracy all the time but they did not bring this foreign reserve before you in their ruling period.
Sir, everybody knows inside & outside of Pakistan that the day you left the Government of Pakistan, every department of Pakistan including Railways, Airways, Steel mill, etc was running in profit but after few months these departments has gone in Billions of rupees of loss, it means the people who controlled all of these departments were King of corruption & they took all the money from all these departments & showed losses to the people of Pakistan.
At present no one is sincere with Pakistan & with the poor people of Pakistan, the Pakistan is going under the loans from IMF day by day. Poor people of Pakistan are committing suicides because they cannot live with these expenses & no proper source of income & shelter. Present Ministers & their young children in any department of Ministry, either Federal or Provincial Ministry they are just taking the money of people of Pakistan by corruption & also taking loans of Billions of rupees from Pakistani Banks & not returning this money to Banks & getting themselves free from these loans, reason is that why they are doing this because now today the Pakistan is fully in control of these corrupt people & there is no check & balance on these people.
Poor people of Pakistan don’t know that these people who declare themselves in front of Pakistani people as good & sincere politicians, they are lying just to get vote from them & people do believe whatever they say.
Sir, I know to remove your government Pakistani media has played a major role against you & their duty was all the time to do propaganda against you & your government. It is understood for money that these private media can do propaganda for any person who is sincere with the Government of Pakistan & poor people of Pakistan. It was you who always told that “sab say pehley Pakistan”.
I am definitely sure the people who were behind this media are present in Pakistan & ruling in Pakistan either in Federal or Provincial Government.
Sir, in your ruling period Imran Khan was against you & has given many interviews against you but now when now you are not in Government I heard Imran Khan on television interview on the corruption matter of Steel Mill of Pakistan saying that when Pervez Musharraf left Government the Pakistan Steel Mill was in profit & about 28 Million rupees including cash & raw material was in Steel Mill but in few months all money & material was disappeared from the Steel Mill & the Steel Mill showed under the loss of 6 Billion of rupees, which is altogether 34 Billion rupees which was disappeared from Pakistan Steel Mill after you left the Government. The present Government has took loans from IMF or World Bank in 2 & half years time which the previously Government has not taken in past 60 years.
Sir, in your ruling period media was doing propaganda against you that you did not respect the decisions of Higher Courts in Pakistan & all the Law movement they prepared against you. Today when Election Commission of Pakistan has declared many Qualification Degrees as false of our elected Ministers & members of Parliament than where is the media & also why our respectable Higher Courts are not giving them punishment according to Constitution of Pakistan to the people who has done this shameful act. They are sitting in Pakistan but they don’t know the whole world is looking to these people & laughing on them. Why today the present rulers are not respecting the decisions of Higher Courts & why these Lawyers are not coming on the streets against the present ruler’s their corruptions & for that they are not obeying the orders of Higher Courts of Pakistan.
Sir, I & poor people of Pakistan need people like you for Pakistan as a Leader of Pakistani Nation & Leader for whole Islamic World as Late King Faisal, Late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed & Dr Mahatir Mohammed because we strongly believe that Pakistan will be safe in your hands. You are a brave Retired General of Islamic Republic of Pakistan who has seen the scene of death from very close on many incidents & many times, the enemies of Pakistan has done assassination attack on you but always Allah has saved your life & His Blessings were always with you.
We are proud of u & we will pray that Allah will bring you back as a Leader for Pakistani Nation. Long Live Pakistan!!!

Aysha Nawab
(London UK)

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