The former President Musharraf in 'To The Point' with Mansoor Ali Khan in Express TV

The former President Musharraf in ‘To The Point’ with Mansoor Ali Khan in Express TV

Watch Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan of Express New’s program ‘To The Point’ in conversation with the former president of Pakistan, the former chief of Pakistan army and the chairman APML General (R) Pervez Musharraf recounting the vital events that are shaping Pakistan today!
Some of the highlights include:

  • Pakistan’s future political circumstances after PTI’s ADHARNA Cancellation
  • People have started to call PTI chairman Imran Khan as a ‘U-Turn’ Khan after he canceled Dharna at the last minute
  • “Imran Khan should take the decision after careful thinking to the end of the ‘war-game’. Now, if Supreme court’s negative judgment regarding ‘Dharna’ will badly impact Imran Khan’s future politics and his reputation as a leader,” says the former president.
  • Will PPP chairman Bilwal emerge as a charismatic national leader
  • Pakistani politicians and their escape routes by using Land of the Law vs ‘Awam Ki Adaalat’
  • Detail talk on MQM’s political troubles, Governor Ishrat Al-abaad and former Karachi mayor Mr. Mustafa Kamal
  • and much more…

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