02-dec-2016-pm-interview-24-channel-pj-mirWatch Mr. PJ Mir of ‘24 News’ program ‘Q & A with PJ Mir’ in conversation with the former president of Pakistan, the former chief of Pakistan Army and the chairman APML General (R) Pervez Musharraf recounting the vital events that are shaping Pakistan today!


Watch this excellent interview at to understand why our evergreen President Musharraf is so truly and deeply respected and revered among topmost leaders of the world. And why the whole world eagerly wanted to help Pakistan during his government.

Around the world, not only he is known as an excellent statesman but also as an incredibly influential PR specialist who can literally get what he wants when he wants from who he wants when it comes to his beloved motherland, i.e., Pakistan.

Listen to President Musharraf as he tells himself for the first time how on just ONE phone call from him, US President agreed to by-pass American Congress approval and give an astronomical donation of $$$$$ FIVE (5) billion dollars $$$$$ to Pakistan in ‘Donors Conference.’

Some of other highlights include:

  • New Army chief and his future priorities, Pakistan armed forces before and now
  • In 2004, President Musharraf presented CPEC idea to Chinese President to develop it as eight (8) wonder of the world
  • Can CPEC cause any side effects on US-Pakistan relations
  • Difference between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump
  • President Donald Trump comes as an agent of change in a multi-polar world
  • President always remained proactive in providing extra support to Pakistani ambassadors and foreign ministers to further superimpose Pakistani interests by throwing his personal weight behind
  • Current national political turmoil, the anarchy and the possible rectifications available
  • Poor governance because of poor leadership is one of the main problems in Pakistan
  • We shouldn’t set up a passive Commissions who prefer sitting on the problems eggs, taking forever to hatch them.
  • Judicial reforms are need of the time because people are disappointed and have no faith in Judicial systems anymore
  • Kashmir civil war is not terrorism; India is doing the genocide of Kashmiris because they are asking for their rights under UN resolution
  • Pakistan is facing an existential threat. No time luxury, therefore, a 3rd force is need of the time
  • Comment on MQM’s cracking leadership and challenges
  • Future of APML
  • PM NawazSharif’s answer to PJ’s question about President Musharraf
  • Current political parties have become ethnic, and sectarian based. We need to have a 3rd national level force
  • President still project/ protect Pakistan’s interest
  • The ONLY way to deal with Modi is the same language
  • Message to the nation; contribute towards the meaningful change in Pakistan in whatever capacity you can. Pakistan First
  • and much more.

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