Watch Mr. Shahzad Iqbal of ‘Samaa TV’ program ‘Awaz’ in conversation with the former president of Pakistan, the former chief of Pakistan Army and the chairman APML General (R) Pervez Musharraf recounting the vital events that are shaping Pakistan today!
Some of the highlights include:

  • Benazir Bhutto murder case
  • NAB’s weak laws/ policies allow release of criminals by accepting only minimum amount in plea bargains
  • Pakistan had 400 million in 1990, i.e., only one-week reserves (compared to world reserves standard of six (6) months for any country)
  • President had only two main areas to worry in 1999 when he took over, i.e., corruption and almost defaulted economy; and he chose to improve economy first
  • Panama Papers’ leak scandal and its comparison with income of President Musharraf after his resignation from the presidency in 2008
  • Former army chief General Rahaeel sharif’s help to remove unfair political pressure on judiciary
  • Why late Saudi King Abdullah had personal affection towards President Musharraf
  • Asif Zardari’s contemptuous media statement against President Musharraf
  • APML as 3rd force only with combining/ merging/ combination
  • Would Pakistan army confront PM if he compromises on national security issues
  • and much more

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