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Please note that the following video links are compiled from different web sources. Some of them are linked directly to the President Pervez Musharraf’s facebook page . In future, we would post more video links here to promote the people’s President so please feel free to help us and add the link in the comment box below the videos.



In the video above, an Indian ‘Muslim politician’  makes outrageous claims to President Musharraf. Such as Indian Muslims are living a very peaceful life in India etc. etc. But on the contrary in the videos presented below, Indian Muslims plight is heart wrenching. (I wonder what this guy’s been smoking?)

Who would one trust?

An Indian so-called ‘Muslim’ politician who seems to live in some other world but India or those innocent Indian Muslims who still lose their loved ones or their own lives even today because of their faith in their own homeland, also known as worlds largest democratic secular country.

Actions speak louder than words. Don’t you think??



Following is a three part series. A student of a religious school  ‘Adnan Kaka Khail’ took it upon himself to wage ‘Jihad’ on President Musharraf in front of thousands of people in the hall. But what actually happened later is quite interesting and classic. Our ‘kaka Khail’ (baby player)  in his quest to embarrass Gen. Musharraf actually achieved quite the contrary, i.e. proved once again that religious scholars can’t see past their noses and hence, are not capable of grasping any real life matter. Unfotunately, the last laugh was on him. 

Seeing that I felt bad for him….for a moment I mean. 😉 

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